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Mentor Military provides software solutions for Soldiers to tackle their administrative needs. Improve your productivity, and write professional reports. We offer solutions for Counseling, Evaluations, Awards, and more!

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About Us

Army Counseling Online is home to the popular U.S. Army leadership software products Counsel Quick, Award Quick, and Rater Quick. These products were designed to reduce the amount of time Army leaders spend preparing paperwork at their desks and create more opportunities for them to be with their Soldiers or at home with their families.

ACO also hosts a selection of free counseling resources including forms, regulations, classes, and SOPs. Developing the future leaders of this great nation is our highest priority.

Army Counseling Online is not an official or unofficial government website, nor does it make any such claims. ACO is owned and operated by Mentor Enterprises Incorporated, publisher of professional military books and digital media.