Award Quick

Award Quick is a tool that will help you prepare Awards for your subordinates. Compose meaningful achievement statements and citations.

This all inclusive product provides you with everything you need to construct professional awards. Samples are broken down into achievement statements, opening sentences, helping sentences, closing sentences, and citations.

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  • 100's of Award Writing Statements
    • Including Achievement Statements, opening, helping, closing statements, and citations from actual awards.
  • Web Resourse Links:
    • Award Order of Precedence
    • Award Rack Builder
    • HRC Military Awards Branch
  • Example Documents Including
    • Bronze Star Narrative and Citations
    • Legion of Merit Narrative and Citation
    • Medal of Honor Citation
    • Example Letters of Lateness
    • Amendment of Orders
    • Revocation of Orders
  • References
    • AR 600-8-22
    • DA Memo 600-8-2
    • AR 670-1
    • AR 600-8-2
  • Writing Tools that Include
    • Award Recommendation Guidelines
    • Helpful Word Combinations
    • Helpful Phrases
    • Comprehensive List of: Adjectives, Nouns, Verbs
  • Blank Forms in Lotus Viewer(LV), Microsoft Word(WD), and editable PDF's(PDF)
    • DA FORM 638, APR 2006 Recommendation for Award (LV,WD,PDF)
    • DA FORM 7594, APR 2006 Unit Award Recommendation (LV,PDF)
    • DA FORM 4187, JAN 2000 Personnel Action (LV,WD,PDF)

System Requirements

  • Internet connection and administrator privleges required for installation and updates
  • Windows XP, Vista, or 7, 8, or 10
  • Mac OS not supported
  • Ram:256MB—Processor:Pentium IV or Higher
  • Additional Software Required: Lotus Forms Viewer™
  • Adobe™ Reader v.4.0 Microsoft® Word 97 or later
  • and Micrsoft® Internet Explorer v6.0 or greater.