How do I tell my side of the story on a counseling statement?

I always encourage Soldiers to sign their counselings even when they do not agree with them. If you do not agree, check the “disagree” box and make a comment in the session closing block.
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Army reception and integration counseling

Need a counseling example for reception and integration? You can find examples in Counsel Quick Volume 1, and Counselor read more»

How does the NCOER counseling process work?

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Within the first 30 days you must receive an initial counseling which is documented on the DA Form 2166-8-1 from your rater.  The use of the support form is mandatory. Your rater and senior will provide a copy of his/her support form.
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How do I write a Plan of Action for a counseling statement?

A good plan of action should contain specifics (e.g. date/time to complete a task, documentation or proof required). It is also important that the Soldier participate in the developing the Plan of Action. read more»

How do I write an Army counseling statement for spousal abuse?

Need a counseling example for spousal abuse? You can find examples in Counsel Quick Volume 2, and Counselor

You are wise to do your homework first. This is a sensitive issue and the counseling statements need to be reviewed by senior leaders before the Soldier sees them–the session may even need to be conducted by a senior individual in the chain of command like the CO, XO, platoon sergeant, or platoon leader.
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What does it mean when a Soldier marks “Disagree” on a counseling statement?

You are disagreeing with anything that is incorrect on the counseling statement: Content, plan of action, leader responsibilities, key points of discussion, or any mistakes that may be contained in the administrative portion.
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Should I refuse to sign counseling statements I do not agree with?

You have a few options:
Rather than refusing to sign your counseling statement, you can sign and write a rebuttal instead.
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What are the time limitations for the completion of counseling?

There are specific counselings that have time lines associated with them like initial, monthly, quarterly counseling sessions. But with regard to derogatory counseling sessions there are no time limits associated with when a counseling should be completed.
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