Counseling Classes

Memorandum For Rear Detachment Commander And OIC Duties and Responsibilities Initial Counseling Example

This is an example of a Rear Detachment Commander and OIC Duties and Responsibilities Initial Counseling memorandum which is very detailed and can be used as a guide to write a Rear Detachment Commander and OIC Initial Counseling memorandum.

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NCO Counseling and Support Form DA Form 2166-8-1 Class

This is a class to teach the purpose, process and usage of the NCO Counseling and Support Form. Its purpose is to contribute to Army-wide improved performance and professional development by increased emphasis on performance counseling. The Rater uses DA Form 2166-8-1 to prepare for, conduct, and record results of performance counseling with the rated NCO. Its use is mandatory for counseling all NCOs, CPL through CSM. The purpose of the counseling and support form is to improve performance counseling by providing structure and discipline to the process read more»

BLC Counseling

A copy of a counseling class taught at BLC. read more»

Review of the Developmental Counseling Process

A review of the developmental counseling process. read more»

Introduction to Counseling

Contains a series of slides that describe basic counseling terms and procedures. read more»

Effective Counseling

A class on the development counseling process read more»

Counseling Process

15 slides that review aspects of the counseling process read more»

Counseling Procedures

The slides discuss counseling in detail.  Provides a good overview of the counseling process. read more»