Counseling Classes

Army Leadership

A basic review of Army leadership and the factors that influence leadership.

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Army Leadership Review

A class discussing Army Leadership including: definition, levels of leadership, and values.

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BLC Counseling

A copy of a counseling class taught at BLC. read more»

Communication & Writing

A brief discussion of how to use communication effectively to resolve an issue.

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Communication and the Writing Process

A detailed briefing that discusses communication and how to write properly. Topics include: barriers to communication, passive and active voice, Army Writing style, and military briefings. read more»

Conducting a Counseling Session

Two classes which outline counseling standards and guidelines. read more»

Conflict Management

A class on conflict management that contains information on: definition of conflict, nature of conflict, negative connotations, levels of conflicts, sources of conflict, negative and positive factors of conflict, and methods for managing conflict.

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Counseling and Leadership Doctrine

Detailed counseling information complete with annotated slides for ease of presentation. read more»