Counseling References

Army Self Development Handbook

Army Self Development Handbook is designed to assist Soldiers achieve personal and professional goals. The book focuses on the three types of self development: Structured, Guided, and Personal. read more»

Recruiting and Retention School Workbook

Recruiting and Retention School Workbook. Contains great sample documents for retention and also includes counseling documents from the recruiter or retention point of view. read more»

Performance Appraisal Handbook

This handbook was originally designed for Department of the Interior rating officials and employees to assist with the management of employee performance, but contains great information for Army leaders. read more»

Employee & Supervisor Guide for Performance Plans

Originally designed for the government civilian workforce, this guide contains useful information that can be used by military leaders when counseling Soldiers or civilians. read more»

Mentoring, Coaching, and Counseling Paper

Mentoring, Coaching, and Counseling: Toward a Common Understanding is an article  written by Dr. Ted Thomas and Jim Thomas on the meaning of mentorship. The article cites Army doctrine (FM 6-22) and contains some interesting talking points for military leaders.
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Leadership Counseling

A copy of the Army Correspondence Course book on Leadership counseling. read more»

Army Leader Transitions Handbook

Army Leadership Transition Handbook is designed to help leaders plan and execute a successful transition to a new leadership position. read more»

Initial Officer Counseling Example

A sample initial counseling for officers covering required reading, command climate and other key points. read more»