BLC Counseling

A copy of a counseling class taught at BLC. read more»

Commander’s Handbook for Unit Leader Development

Commander’s Handbook is a unique reference for all levels of leadership. It focuses on developing leaders and improving the leadership process within a unit. It includes numerous leadership tips and blank forms for mentoring Soldiers. read more»

Communication & Writing

A brief discussion of how to use communication effectively to resolve an issue.

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Communication and the Writing Process

A detailed briefing that discusses communication and how to write properly. Topics include: barriers to communication, passive and active voice, Army Writing style, and military briefings. read more»

Conduct Developmental Counseling (WLC)

A copy of the WLC lesson plan on counseling. Sergeants Major Academy. read more»

Conduct Event-Oriented Counseling

Tasks, conditions, and standards for performing event-oriented counseling. read more»

Conduct Performance Oriented Counseling

Tasks, conditions, and standards for performance oriented counseling.< read more»

Conduct Reception and Integration Counseling

Tasks, conditions, and standards for reception and integration counseling. read more»