Conduct Substance Abuse Counseling

Tasks, conditions, and standards for performing substance abuse counseling. read more»

Conducting a Counseling Session

Two classes which outline counseling standards and guidelines. read more»

Conflict Management

A class on conflict management that contains information on: definition of conflict, nature of conflict, negative connotations, levels of conflicts, sources of conflict, negative and positive factors of conflict, and methods for managing conflict.

read more»

Continuation of Counseling Form (for use with DA Form 4856)

This form is intended as a continuation of counseling for use with the DA Form 4856 Developmental Counseling Form.

Please note this is not an official DoD form. This form was made by Mentor Enterprises, Inc. as no form of this kind is made available by the U.S. government.

Continuation Form:

DA 4856 w/ Continuation Form included:

The continuation forms are copyrighted material of Mentor Enterprises Inc. Do not distribute.

Counseling and Leadership Doctrine

Detailed counseling information complete with annotated slides for ease of presentation. read more»

Counseling Checklist

A one-page checklist to help Army leaders stay on track during the counseling process. read more»

Counseling Leader Book Dividers

A list of dividers to use when putting together a leader book. Titles included: Personal Data Sheet, ERB, DA FORM 348, Performance Counseling, DA FORM 2166-8-1, Last NCOER, Quarterly Counseling, APFT Card, Profiles, Weapon Qualifications, Military Schools, and Civilian Education, and Awards. read more»

Counseling Outline

A very brief summary of the counseling process read more»