Army Leadership

A basic review of Army leadership and the factors that influence leadership.

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Army Leadership Review

A class discussing Army Leadership including: definition, levels of leadership, and values.

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Counseling SOP

Standard Operating Procedures regarding how and when leaders will counsel their Soldiers. Also provides references for specific counseling requirements. read more»

Resolve an Ethical Problem

Tasks, conditions, and standards for resolving an ethical problem. This is an evaluation sheet. read more»

Leader’s Role in Character Development

Tasks, conditions, and standards “Correlate a Leaders’ Role in Character Development with Values and Professional Obligations” read more»

Develop an Effective Team

Tasks, conditions, and standards for developing an effective team. read more»

Enforce the Uniform Code of Military Justice

Tasks, conditions, and standards for enforcing the UCMJ. read more»

Perform Medical Counseling Interventions

Tasks, conditions, and standards for medical counseling interventions. read more»