Inter-Personal Communication

A brief discussion of how to use communication effectively to resolve an issue.

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Introduction to Counseling

Contains a series of slides that describe basic counseling terms and procedures. read more»

Leader’s Role in Character Development

Tasks, conditions, and standards “Correlate a Leaders’ Role in Character Development with Values and Professional Obligations” read more»

Leadership Counseling

A copy of the Army Correspondence Course book on Leadership counseling. read more»

Lost I.D. Tags Example Counseling

An example counseling given when a Soldier is not in possession of his Personal Identification Tags. This counseling is meant to discuss the impact of losing the tags. read more»

Mentoring, Coaching, and Counseling Paper

Mentoring, Coaching, and Counseling: Toward a Common Understanding is an article  written by Dr. Ted Thomas and Jim Thomas on the meaning of mentorship. The article cites Army doctrine (FM 6-22) and contains some interesting talking points for military leaders.
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Military Information Brief Skills

A slide show discussing military information brief formats.

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Outstanding Performance Counseling

An example counseling given when a Soldier demonstrates exceptional performance that warrants recognition. This counseling is meant to officially recognize a job-well-done. read more»