Perform Medical Counseling Interventions

Tasks, conditions, and standards for medical counseling interventions. read more»

Perform Pastoral Counseling

Tasks, conditions, and standards for performing pastoral counseling.

read more»

Performance Appraisal Handbook

This handbook was originally designed for Department of the Interior rating officials and employees to assist with the management of employee performance, but contains great information for Army leaders. read more»

Recruiting and Retention School Workbook

Recruiting and Retention School Workbook. Contains great sample documents for retention and also includes counseling documents from the recruiter or retention point of view. read more»

Resolve an Ethical Problem

Tasks, conditions, and standards for resolving an ethical problem. This is an evaluation sheet. read more»

Review of the Developmental Counseling Process

A review of the developmental counseling process. read more»

Safety Briefing Counseling

An example counseling given when a Soldier will be on pass or leave. This counseling is meant to encourage safety awareness, establish procedures for notifying the chain of command in case of an accident, and to ensure proper planning of travel time. read more»

Safety Counseling Memo

Weekly Safety Briefing Counseling Memorandum. A quick method to document a weekly safety briefing in a memorandum format. read more»