Counseling SOP

Standard Operating Procedures regarding how and when leaders will counsel their Soldiers. Also provides references for specific counseling requirements.

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    • SSG ALEXANDER says:

      Hey SSG Z! What a small world huh?? If you need any guidance with getting the materials together for counseling class, let me know & I’ll do my best to get back to you quickly. Hope all is well…God bless

  2. SSG Minor says:

    Procedures of couseling soldiers and examples

  3. brooks says:

    I just found out that there was an update made to the counseling form in august of 2010. we have been using the old once and i am wondering since they are obsolete are all the counselings invalid

    • I am not a legal expert therefore I cannot provide an exact answer. Based on experience this could go two ways. First the only thing that changed on the form to my knowledge was the removal of the social security number. Therefore the argument could be that the forms are still valid. Keep in mind it has been awhile since the forms changed so there is no reason for the old form to be used.

      The second way could be that since the block removed was the social security number and that has an application to the privacy act a defense attorney might conceivably argue that this breaches your privacy. In addition the bottom of the need form reads previous editions are obsolete and therefore no longer valid.

      But as I stated in the beginning this is a legal question for a Defense Attorney to look at and make a determination.

      Now without knowing anything else about you or your case I would encourage you to look at yourself, take responsibility for your actions and consider one on one communication with the chain of command that you would like an opportunity to Soldier as it sounds like you want to continue in the service.

      I would encourage you to seek a second opinion from a civilian attorney that served as a JAG. This consultation will most likely run about $100.00 or less. Typically a JAG will not see you until formal charges have been filed.

      Believe it or not most leaders want Soldiers to do well and therefore try very hard to get their attention. If you decide to Soldier and set the example everyone wins.

      Just some food for thought…take it for what it is worth…but it is hard to argue with someone who is trying to do what is right.

      Did you find this information useful? Feedback helps all of us.


  4. SSG VARGAS says:

    I have an NCO just got out of mental health hospital and i have to counsel him on why he dosent cualify for promotion the board i’ve explained to him the reasons but cant put it in a correct way in his counseling to make it sound professional

  5. SGT Laddusaw says:

    Can i give a counseling statement to my brother?

  6. FRANK NORWOOD says:

    Can a Soldier of lesser rank counsel a Soldier of greater rank?

  7. Cynthia A. Payan says:

    I found this site by chance and I love it. Lots of good useful information. Thank you for creating sources and helpful tools like this.

    • Cynthia,
      Thanks for the post. Please help spread the word. If you like this site I think you will really enjoy
      AskTop is a totally free site where we share vast amounts of information. Soldiers and Leaders can ask questions to our panel of subject matter experts (SME’s). We provide responses based on regulation and experience and add items for the Soldier to think about.
      There is also a section called the Armsroom filled with classes and information and tons of other free information for you to download and use. Our goal is to help Soldiers and Leaders spend more time leading their Soldiers, or more quality time with their families/loved one, and less time with administrative burdens.

      Take Care

  8. Laura says:

    i am a SPC, can another SPC give me my monthly counselings? or does it have to be done by an NCO? and if the SPC gives me my monthly counseling, does the NCO have to be the one who signs it?

  9. Angela Zook says:

    I have a Soldier that works as a tech for the military during the week, but drills monthly in a different role (1SG)..he had a neg counseling statement from his last CO for his 1SG role adrill status..with DO NOT RETAIN…he is concerned this will carry over to his full time tech job..I think that the tech world army and M-Day are seperate and he should not be worried or affected in his full time tech job just because he is not doing so great as an m-day me here I don’t know for sure..thx

    • Angela it might be better to post this question on our sister Site We have a panel of subject matter experts that might be able to prove a more specific response for you.


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