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Stan­dard Oper­at­ing Pro­ce­dures regard­ing how and when lead­ers will coun­sel their Sol­diers. Also pro­vides ref­er­ences for spe­cific coun­sel­ing requirements.

army counseling program - includes over 250 counseling examples




    • SSG ALEXANDER says:

      Hey SSG Z! What a small world huh?? If you need any guid­ance with get­ting the mate­ri­als together for coun­sel­ing class, let me know & I’ll do my best to get back to you quickly. Hope all is well…God bless

  2. SSG Minor says:

    Pro­ce­dures of cousel­ing sol­diers and examples

  3. brooks says:

    I just found out that there was an update made to the coun­sel­ing form in august of 2010. we have been using the old once and i am won­der­ing since they are obso­lete are all the coun­sel­ings invalid

    • I am not a legal expert there­fore I can­not pro­vide an exact answer. Based on expe­ri­ence this could go two ways. First the only thing that changed on the form to my knowl­edge was the removal of the social secu­rity num­ber. There­fore the argu­ment could be that the forms are still valid. Keep in mind it has been awhile since the forms changed so there is no rea­son for the old form to be used.

      The sec­ond way could be that since the block removed was the social secu­rity num­ber and that has an appli­ca­tion to the pri­vacy act a defense attor­ney might con­ceiv­ably argue that this breaches your pri­vacy. In addi­tion the bot­tom of the need form reads pre­vi­ous edi­tions are obso­lete and there­fore no longer valid.

      But as I stated in the begin­ning this is a legal ques­tion for a Defense Attor­ney to look at and make a determination.

      Now with­out know­ing any­thing else about you or your case I would encour­age you to look at your­self, take respon­si­bil­ity for your actions and con­sider one on one com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the chain of com­mand that you would like an oppor­tu­nity to Sol­dier as it sounds like you want to con­tinue in the service.

      I would encour­age you to seek a sec­ond opin­ion from a civil­ian attor­ney that served as a JAG. This con­sul­ta­tion will most likely run about $100.00 or less. Typ­i­cally a JAG will not see you until for­mal charges have been filed.

      Believe it or not most lead­ers want Sol­diers to do well and there­fore try very hard to get their atten­tion. If you decide to Sol­dier and set the exam­ple every­one wins.

      Just some food for thought…take it for what it is worth…but it is hard to argue with some­one who is try­ing to do what is right.

      Did you find this infor­ma­tion use­ful? Feed­back helps all of us.


  4. SSG VARGAS says:

    I have an NCO just got out of men­tal health hos­pi­tal and i have to coun­sel him on why he dosent cual­ify for pro­mo­tion the board i’ve explained to him the rea­sons but cant put it in a cor­rect way in his coun­sel­ing to make it sound professional

  5. SGT Laddusaw says:

    Can i give a coun­sel­ing state­ment to my brother?

  6. FRANK NORWOOD says:

    Can a Sol­dier of lesser rank coun­sel a Sol­dier of greater rank?

  7. Cynthia A. Payan says:

    I found this site by chance and I love it. Lots of good use­ful infor­ma­tion. Thank you for cre­at­ing sources and help­ful tools like this.

    • Cyn­thia,
      Thanks for the post. Please help spread the word. If you like this site I think you will really enjoy
      Ask­Top is a totally free site where we share vast amounts of infor­ma­tion. Sol­diers and Lead­ers can ask ques­tions to our panel of sub­ject mat­ter experts (SME’s). We pro­vide responses based on reg­u­la­tion and expe­ri­ence and add items for the Sol­dier to think about.
      There is also a sec­tion called the Arm­sroom filled with classes and infor­ma­tion and tons of other free infor­ma­tion for you to down­load and use. Our goal is to help Sol­diers and Lead­ers spend more time lead­ing their Sol­diers, or more qual­ity time with their families/loved one, and less time with admin­is­tra­tive burdens.

      Take Care

  8. Laura says:

    i am a SPC, can another SPC give me my monthly coun­sel­ings? or does it have to be done by an NCO? and if the SPC gives me my monthly coun­sel­ing, does the NCO have to be the one who signs it?

  9. Angela Zook says:

    I have a Sol­dier that works as a tech for the mil­i­tary dur­ing the week, but drills monthly in a dif­fer­ent role (1SG)..he had a neg coun­sel­ing state­ment from his last CO for his 1SG role adrill status..with DO NOT RETAIN…he is con­cerned this will carry over to his full time tech job..I think that the tech world army and M-Day are seper­ate and he should not be wor­ried or affected in his full time tech job just because he is not doing so great as an m-day me here I don’t know for sure..thx

    • Angela it might be bet­ter to post this ques­tion on our sis­ter Site We have a panel of sub­ject mat­ter experts that might be able to prove a more spe­cific response for you.


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