Example Counseling Statement from FM 6–22

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The file below is a pdf of the exam­ple coun­sel­ing state­ments located in Appen­dix B of FM 6–22.

The first state­ment is an exam­ple of an indebt­ed­ness coun­sel­ing. The exam­ple Sol­dier is bounc­ing checks. The sec­ond state­ment is a per­for­mance coun­sel­ing and includes an exam­ple assessment.

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  1. adam says:

    failuer to report place of duty and sol­dier gives fails infor­ma­tion to his leaders.

    • Carnell Berry says:

      I was won­der­ing if you had any­thing (Counselings)for Sol­diers who are going to NCOES schools? Last year, our unit had lots of Sol­diers who were slot­ted to go to schools but once the dates came near, the Sol­dier dropped out of the course because they changed their minds and/or just didn’t want to go any more even though they picked the dates them­selves. I just need some­thing to let Sol­diers know that once they have a school date slot­ted, they need to make sure to attend that school unless a Red-Cross type mes­sage comes down so I thought I’d ask just in case you already had some­thing. Please help if you have some­thing. Thanks a bunch.

  2. D'Yaisha Reid says:

    Do you have an exam­ple coun­sel­ing for entry into weight con­trol program?

  3. Tj binder says:

    Do you have any­thing on wear­ing an unser­vice­able uniform

  4. ines says:

    en using rel­e­vant exam­ple show how and where the above type of counseling

  5. We will be releas­ing more exam­ple coun­sel­ing state­ments in the future.

    For now, you can find all of our avail­able free coun­sel­ings here: http://www.armycounselingonline.com/category/downloads/free-army-counseling-examples/

  6. eric price says:

    do you have coun­sel­ing for a job well done for soldiers.

  7. SGT Rivera says:

    I need an exam­ple of a coun­sel­ing state­ment for improper uni­form or for not bringu­ing the right uniform

  8. SFC Robert Farrington says:

    I need to find an exam­ple coun­sel­ing state­ment for GPC cardholders???

  9. SGT Masters says:

    I have all three Coun­sel Quick Vol­umes and was look­ing for a exam­ple for a Sub­stance Abuse coun­sel­ing other than pre­scrip­tion med­ica­tion or alcohol?

    • Matt.Dail says:

      Unfor­tu­nately, we cur­rently don’t offer an exam­ple coun­sel­ing state­ment for sub­stance abuse other than pre­scrip­tion med­ica­tion or alcohol.

      How­ever, you can find sub­stance abuse resources, and seek advice from one of our other sites: http://www.asktop.net

      We hope you find this useful.

  10. Sgt. Masters says:

    Thank you Matt.Dail. I appre­ci­ate your help!

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