FM 6-22 Army Leadership

This reference has been superseded by ADP 6-22, ADRP 6-22, and ATP 6-22.1.

FM 6-22 (formerly FM 22-100) Army Leadership. This FM discusses the foundation and principles of Army Leadership and Appendix B discusses counseling TTPs.

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  1. james creech says:

    Great example!

  2. Matthew Hanson says:

    James creech? As in Jimmy Creech? like Ft Campbell? EMAIL ME.

  3. Clarence Linear says:

    Can someone please send me example of a counseling for separation for an overweight SM?

  4. Mafuta Sauni says:

    Can I give a counseling for someone who passes gas during instruction of a class?

  5. gil says:

    ok so i am going to be counseled by 1 sgt but i watched an E-6 write the counseling and send to to the 1 SGT so he could counsel me i know thats not how it work just need a little help on where to find some INFO to cover me

    • Gil,
      Here are my thoughts without knowing the specifics. You are correct the individual conducting the counseling should be the one to write the counseling. Now with that stated the SSG may have simply provided some of the information for the 1SG to tweak. The bottom line is the counseling statement needs to be a reflection of the facts. If you did something wrong then consider owning up to it, being professional, unemotional and calm. In other words be responsible and accountable for your actions. If you disagree with information in the counseling and/or the counseling contains information that is not true and the counselor refuses to change the information in the counseling simply disagree with the counseling in the session closing block and write a calm, factual, unemotional, and professional disagreement. That way you tell your side of the story on the counseling form. If the form ever goes forward to the commander or someone else your side of the story is on the form. In addition you are entitled to a copy of the counseling form for your records. If you are interested in additional information about counseling I would encourage you to visit our sister site: ASKTOP.NET It has tons of information and has a free resource center in the ARMSROOM that contains 1,000’s of documents from classes, SOPs, briefings, etc. I hope this information was useful.

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