The Board Master

  • Over 530 questions and 21 subject areas
  • Includes the questions Boards ask most
  • Chain of Command chapter included, write in your own answers

Master the Questions Boards Ask Most

The Board Master is an Army Board study tool that provides you with the most frequently asked board questions in flashcard format.

This App contains 20 subjects and 250 questions, and is based designed to help you pass ANY Army Board!


About The Board Master

Are you a Soldier in the United States Army? One event may stand between you and a promotion. Boards. Whether you are studying for a Promotion Board, Audie Murphy, Soldier of the Year, or Sergeant Morales; this App is the tool you need to prepare yourself.

Board questions are pulled from Army regulation and doctrine. There are thousands of these documents, many of which contain hundreds of pages of information. Do you have time to seek out and study all of that material? If you do, go for it! Reading doctrine is a fantastic way to learn about the Profession of Arms. You can download these docs online and print a copy, highlighter in hand. You will undoubtedly learn a lot from that experience. Unfortunately, most of us do not have that kind of free time. That is where The Board Master comes into play.

The Board Master is your take-anywhere study partner for Army promotions. With this tool, you can master the questions frequently asked during Army boards. Simply hit “Start.” You will be swiping through flashcards in no time. Swipe to a question you want to study. Flip the card over to reveal the answer. You can flag any card as a “Favorite Card” and come back to it any time.

The Board Master app is based on the book by the same name written by Johnnie L. Hickson. Johnnie is a Soldier who has won numerous boards himself and challenged many of his peers to excel using his time-tested techniques.

Next time you find yourself bored during a long commercial break or sitting in the waiting room at the dentist, pull out your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and start making your way towards more stripes, increased pay, and professional fulfillment.


  • Over 530 questions and answers
  • Study without an active internet connection (3G/WiFi not required)
  • Study all questions, or pick & choose by subject area to focus your efforts
  • Appealing graphics and familiar touch controls like swipe gestures
  • Shake your device to shuffle to a random flashcard
  • Save your favorite flashcards so you can find them quickly in the future


  • Content derived from numerous sources including The Board Master by Johnnie L. Hickson
  • Professionally developed App, created and supported by the leading publishers of professional military reading and digital media