Types of Counseling from FM 6-22

This reference has been superseded by ATP 6-22.1, ADP 6-22, and ADRP 6-22. We provide this because the information contain is still useful in the counseling process.

The following PDF is an excerpt of FM 6-22 which outlines the various types of developmental counseling including:

  • event-oriented counseling
  • counseling for specific instances
  • reception and integration counseling
  • crisis counseling
  • referral counseling
  • promotion counseling
  • adverse separation counseling
  • performance counseling
  • professional growth counseling

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  1. kerry morrow says:

    is verbal counselling part of the different types of counseling, if i give a soldier a verbal what is the next in counselling written verbal or what

    • Verbal counseling is usually reserved for minor infractions. It is proper if the event occurs again to put the issue in a formal counseling statement. It would also be proper to mention the situation during a monthly counseling statement. For example: the Soldier is late to formation on the 1st of the month. You verbally counsel them and then place a note in their monthly counseling statement to document the verbal counseling. Hope this Helps

  2. Anthony Murphy says:

    If i counsel a soldier and he refuse to sign, Can I order him to do so? If not where is it written that I can not order the SM to sign

  3. Joseph Thomas Pace says:

    I am interested in crisis counseling as a career.

  4. Joseph Thomas Pace says:

    Could you please send me available information regarding crisis counseling as a career?

  5. Yvonne says:

    How long after an incident can you wait before you give a counseling statement and it is no longer void. Example if an incident happened 2 weeks ago can you still give a counseling statement?
    Am i right to say no more than 24 to 48 hours after an incident you must give a counseling? Is that correct?

    • Yogesh says:

      You might want to call Tricare any see if they can refer you.If not you can check the local hospital to see if there are suopprt groups that you can join.You might also want to check with the health department in the area as well.Check the local paper as well sometimes they have information for groups in the community section.Good luck to you.

  6. Henry says:

    If I get counselled and I check the disagree box do I still have to follow the corrective actions or goals

    • As long as the corrective actions and/or plan of action is legal then yes you must follow it. If you believe the corrective actions and/or plan of action is inappropriate you should address it through your chain of command.

      Did you find this information useful? We appreciate your feedback?

  7. kesha says:

    My question is regarding on NCO’s can they ask for a bank statement from a non-military family member who paid for all expenses during a 4 day weekend and now the NCO wants to verify there whereabouts?

  8. Sindy says:

    Can a sgt as an E4 team leader to write counseling with his name on it?

  9. Sindy says:

    Can a sgt ask an E4 team leader to write counseling for the E4’s team members with the sgt’s name on them?

    • I do not believe this is an appropriate course of action. He may be doing this to develop you or expose you to the counseling process but if he is doing it just to save himself some work he might be in for a surprise if the counseling is negative in nature and the Soldier was to push the issue. I would have to say he has some room to move here but not much. There is never a good reason to put your name on a document written by someone else. He even runs the risk to some small degree of falsifying an official document.
      Just my take on it

  10. matthew says:

    my team leader spends most his time with the soldiers, so i have him write the end of month counseling. this way the soldier gets the best assessment for the month. is this right of me to have him write them?

  11. Iesha Bronson says:

    Can a Soldier counsel a Soldier of the same rank?

  12. SGT Adams says:

    So what should be done when a SGT does not show respect to a CPL. Therfore the CPL does not show respect in return due to the situation. The the 1SGT wants a Counseling for the CPL. Should the SGT get one as well for being very dis-respectful?

  13. OPERATIONS SGT says:

    What rights/abilities does a soldier (SPC) have if they have not been counseled at all for four years. The soldier is a great soldier. Has alot of extra duties (armor for four years/training room ncoic/operations sgt)and has never had any issues. He’s close to RCP, and I cant get the current chain of command to send him to the board because “wlc is a reguirement for our division”. Any tips…?

    • The only thing I could possibly suggest is to consider putting together a factual written argument that request and exception to policy. From experience a SPC who has not been promoted and is close to RCP you will need to have a hard hitting set of facts to get the chain of command to move.

      You may also find our sister site of use: Asktop.net

      Hope this Helps.

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